Where To Find the Late Summer Freight

August 23, 2017 Comments Off on Where To Find the Late Summer Freight

Wondering where the best places to find freight are as summer enters its final stretch? Freight volumes may fluctuate on a national level, but there are a few places where load opportunities are consistently strong. Check out these freight locations on our load board.

The Best Places for Freight

Natives from the Lone Star state love to brag that everything is bigger in Texas. Well, if you are talking freight volumes…they’re right. Outbound freight from major metros like Dallas and Houston make the state a top performer for carriers searching for loads.

Driven primarily by outbound freight from the Los Angeles metro, load availability in California typically remains high even through cycles of low volume nationally.

The Great Lakes
Outbound freight from Chicago accounts for the majority of the region’s load opportunities. But surrounding states, including Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, also contribute significantly to the area’s freight volumes and can increase your chances of finding consistent loads.

The South
Current freight volumes across the Southern states are more evenly distributed than in other areas of the country. Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina all have solid load availability.

New Jersey
As home to one of the nation’s busiest port facilities, New Jersey is the entry point for massive amounts of raw materials and goods into the U.S. economy. This steady volume also may make finding a load there easier than in other places.

Based on current freight volume from the J.B. Hunt load board. However, load availability is constantly changing, so check the load board often to find freight in your favorite lanes. Plus, don’t forget about FREE Quick Pay on qualifying loads booked using J.B. Hunt 360 through December 31st!

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