Third-party Logistics: Your Solution for Small Business Freight Shipping

February 8, 2017 Comments Off on Third-party Logistics: Your Solution for Small Business Freight Shipping

As the small business economy grows exponentially, so too does the need for large-scale product distribution. Consumers are putting out the calls for unique, sustainable or small-batch products made by small to mid-size businesses. At some point, shipping with a small parcel carrier just isn’t cost-efficient anymore and you have to find ways to ship a higher volume freight. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you may be wondering: What’s next?

Enter the third-party logistics (3PL) provider. At 3PLs such as J.B. Hunt, small businesses and enterprise companies alike receive top customer service from knowledgeable staff with more resources than may be available to you as the owner of a small business. A 3PL can offer one-on-one service and intuitive technology to help customers dive deep into analytics and discover ways to increase productivity on top of helping provide solutions for your shipping needs.

For small businesses, the benefits of working with a 3PL are endless and ever-evolving.

J.B. Hunt helps you manage shipments so you can spend more time managing your business.

J.B. Hunt 360 One of the biggest benefits of being a J.B. Hunt customer is the opportunity to utilize our self-service transportation management system (TMS) platform. Small businesses pay close attention to their bottom line, and with a TMS you have full visibility into your shipping activity. Plus, our expert support team can help customize your account and offer assistance when you need it.

Vast Carrier Network Small businesses have connections, but they don’t always have the right ones. J.B. Hunt relies on its contracted carriers for much of the freight shipped through its network. Safety is one of our top priorities, so we require carriers to meet our high standards.

J.B. Hunt Assets Not all 3PLs also own equipment for transporting freight. In fact, many of them exclusively book loads with contracted carriers. Depending on your shipping needs, J.B. Hunt provides access to a large fleet of company-owned and maintained trucks and trailers. This differentiator among 3PLs gives J.B. Hunt another method for ensuring your deliveries are completed on time and arrive safely.

Customized Solutions No matter the size of the business, customer satisfaction is paramount. If you have a shipment that needs a solution, we’ll find one…or create it. From new technologies to alternative ways to move freight from point A to point B, J.B. Hunt is well known for its innovation across the transportation and logistics industry.

Self-service Systems If you’re on the go like so many business owners, it’s likely easier for you to manage your business online rather than calling, faxing or meeting in person. J.B. Hunt is available 24/7 to provide top service to its customers, but we also offer a variety of ways to automate shipments and work on your own time – whether you’re an early bird or a night owl. Learn more about our technology and innovations here.

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