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Filling the Learning Gap: Online Training for Commercial Truckers

On the surface, commercial trucking doesn't seem like an academically rigorous industry. But consider the wide range of skills needed to plan and deliver a single load: pricing, scheduling, fuel management, route planning, safety inspection, compliance, equipment maintenance, document management, expense reporting, financial get the idea. Furthermore, owner-operators or owners of small trucking companies may be doing all these things in addition to driving! It can become overwhelming – especially if any of these skills don't come easily. Finding continuing education programs teaching these and other skills related to trucking is no small task. Most seated classes don't work with a truck driver's or fleet manager's schedule. Many online courses only cover basic concepts and are not specific to real-world challenges faced by the commercial trucking industry. Add to this the fact that many programs can become outdated quickly as laws and regulations change, and staying current with knowledge and skills needed to run a trucking business becomes even more difficult.

Filling the Learning Gap

Learning opportunities do exist – if you know where to look. For J.B. Hunt contracted carriers, educational opportunities may be available as part of the carrier services offered to all approved carriers. Equinox Business Solutions offers special rates for financial services packages to J.B. Hunt carriers. As part of these packages, carriers can access Equinox University, an e-learning portal featuring business and safety courses specific to commercial trucking. The Equinox University course offerings are available online and require only a laptop or mobile device. Users can choose courses in CSA Basics, fuel management, financial reporting, taxes, budgeting, trip planning and maximizing revenue, among others. While it's true commercial trucking doesn't require a Ph.D., a diverse set of business and operational skills are required to do the job well. Visit the Equinox Business Services web site for more information on Equinox University, or learn more about J.B. Hunt carrier services.