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Gift-giving Gone Good: Making Your Holiday Spending Worthwhile

If you drive a commercial vehicle for a living, your driving schedule may not allow time to navigate the shopping free-for-all at your local retailers. Not a bad thing if you watch the reports of shoppers being trampled in the frenzy for the year's hottest gifts! But the holiday season is all about giving, right? Yes. And in the spirit of holiday generosity, here is a gift idea that will perpetuate good all year round.

Making a Charitable Choice

A charity gift card can be a great way to reinforce the giving spirit that abounds during the holidays. Charity gift cards were invented about 15 years ago and have steadily gained popularity as a means of charitable giving. Charity Choice Gift Cards was created in 2004 in response to a non-profit board member looking for a way to make a charitable contribution in honor of a recently-deceased business associate. Not knowing what cause was important to the family of the deceased, Mark Finkel went in search of a service that would allow charitable donations to be made, but with recipients choosing which organization would benefit from the gift. His search was fruitless. As a non-profit board member for Special Kids Fund, Mark posed the problem to the entire board of the organization. That board meeting became the springboard for the creation of Charity Choice Gift Cards.

How It Works

Purchasers of a Charity Choice Gift Card receive a 100 percent, tax-deductible donation for the amount of purchase. Upon completion of the purchase, a confirmation email is sent detailing the full amount of the donation. This email serves as a receipt for the donation. The recipient of the gift card designates the funds to any of more than 250 charities participating in the program. Purchasers can choose either a physical card, or an e-card. When the recipient is ready to redeem the card for the charity of their choosing, they visit and enter the redemption code printed on the card or e-card. At the time of purchase, each donation includes a 5% administrative fee, and a 3% credit card transaction fee. The administrative fee is used by Special Kids Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, for purposes of maintaining the web site. Remaining funds from the administrative fee support programs of Special Kids Fund for developmentally disabled children and at-risk youth. Each year, the holiday season provides an opportunity to exercise a generosity of spirit. Whether your gift is money, time or goods, the result of charitable giving is a change for the better. Thanks for making a difference!
J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. is not affiliated with Charity Choice Gift Cards or Special Kids Fund and does not solicit, sell or consult in the business of providing charity gift card services, nor is there any carrier incentive as it relates to J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. to participate in these services. The decision to participate is at the sole discretion of the carrier.