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Commingled LTL: Your Less Than Truckload Solution

For years, J.B. Hunt and other third-party logistics (3PL) providers have utilized a multimodal approach to shipping freight across the country and beyond. Recently, J.B. Hunt added the Commingled LTL service to its service offerings in the Southeast to Midwest regions. The new service provides bigger savings with pallet-based pricing and decreased handling to shippers by utilizing rail transport for a portion of the line haul. For those who utilize less than truckload (LTL) service to ship freight, high-value loads, heavy pallets and bulky items can present a huge cost burden to the shipper. For example, typical LTL rates show a 752% cost difference between 500-class pallets and 50-class pallets. Alternatively, Commingled LTL provides pricing per pallet (48" x 48" x 108", max weight 2,500 lbs.) – no matter your shipment's class code(s). Pricing by pallet removes cost variables such as origin/destination, fuel surcharges, class code adjustments and more. With Commingled LTL, you pay for your standard pallet...period. The journey of a Commingled LTL shipment begins with an LTL carrier, who picks up the shipment from its origin location. The driver then delivers the freight to its rail hub in the Southeast region, where a J.B. Hunt Intermodal container awaits its freight. Once filled to capacity, the container is loaded onto a train and is delivered to the rail carrier's hub in the Midwest region. Upon arrival, the same LTL carrier company picks up the cargo and delivers it to its destination. Simply put, the shipment travels from road, to rail, to road – experiencing only a few touchpoints along the way.

How do I schedule a Commingled LTL shipment?

  1. Log in to J.B. Hunt 360 Shipper to begin the booking process
  2. Enter your shipment's origin, destination, pickup date and time, and commodity
  3. Select Next to continue to your carrier options
  4. Choose JBH LTL to book your Commingled LTL shipment
  5. Enter remaining shipment information
  6. Select Book Shipment to complete the process

If you do not have a J.B. Hunt 360 account, sign up here or call 1-855-533-2409 to learn more about our transportation management system (TMS). With J.B. Hunt's extensive network of LTL carriers, you'll enjoy great pricing and trusted carriers throughout the shipment. Although a Commingled LTL service may take a bit longer than standard LTL to arrive at its destination, the cost savings with the per-pallet model can have a major impact on a shipper's bottom line. Commingled LTL is a perfect choice for businesses looking to ship freight without breaking the budget. To learn more about Commingled LTL, call us at 1-855-533-2409 or email