Getting Tires in Top Shape for Winter Weather Trucking

December 5, 2016 Comments Off on Getting Tires in Top Shape for Winter Weather Trucking

As winter approaches, it’s essential to inspect truck and trailer tires to make sure they’re in good shape. Not only can properly maintained tires help keep drivers and other commuters safe on the road, but a blowout or flat in winter weather puts drivers at risk for extended delays and time outside in harsh, cold conditions. Not all tire issues can be avoided, but proactive maintenance and attention can go a long way in avoiding blowouts and flats.

By inspecting tire health in the fall, carriers and truck drivers can assess traction before ice and snow impact road conditions.


Here is a checklist of items to help make your ride winter-ready:

Tread Depth

Legal limit: 4/32″ (front tires) and 2/32″ (all other tire positions)

  • Tread must meet measurements at any point on a major tread groove
  • Measurements should not be made where tie bars, humps or fillets are located

Be sure to measure tread depth in multiple locations on each tire with a calibrated measuring device


  • Check for uneven wear by running your hand across the tread surface (fingertip inspection)
  • Identify punctures or other needed repairs throughout all tires
  • Look for sidewall wear, ozone cracking and impact breaks
  • Identify tire casing age and ensure it is up to standards
    • The last four digits of the DOT code found on the tire indicate the month/year of the casing

Industry Standards

  • Ensure tire inflation meets manufacturer’s specifications
  • Repair leaks and weakened areas
  • Check for exposed belt material

To better understand the tire requirements for CSA, read our blog post.

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