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Best Practices for Optimizing Email Communication with J.B. Hunt

In our technology-centric world, electronic communication is both a blessing and a curse. Most people need email, mobile apps and dozens of passwords to help manage their daily workload. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of communication leads to information overload and things can get lost in the shuffle. The following tips can help optimize email communication with J.B. Hunt:
  1. Check your settings.

    Security settings and software are essential to protect your computer hardware, as well as your personal and business information. However, computer security can sometimes work a little TOO well and prevent you from receiving important communications. Security settings vary depending on your specific system configuration and software usage. If you are unsure which security settings need to be enabled, your email provider's technical support team can usually help you set them appropriately based on your needs.
  2. Check your email folders.

    Email communication can often get routed incorrectly. Email providers tend to categorize messages based on  subject lines, sender names, attachments and number of recipients. When J.B. Hunt sends email communication, we make every effort to use language that prevents the email from getting flagged by most email providers. However, its impossible to guarantee correct delivery to every Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and enterprise email address. If you are expecting to receive email from us and haven't, check your junk or spam folders. If you use Gmail, also remember to check your promotions folder.
  3. Add J.B. Hunt as a contact.

    When you receive an email from J.B. Hunt, saving the email address that sent the message as a contact can prevent delayed delivery or incorrect delivery of future messages. If you work with a specific Carrier Sales Coordinator, you can also save the CSC's email as a contact for future reference.
Communication with carriers is important to J.B. Hunt. Email is often the best way to convey information, send documents and stay up-to-date. While these tips may not work for everyone, hopefully they make managing your inbox a little easier.