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Getting Started with J.B. Hunt 360

Signing Up

  1. New users need to fill out the J.B. Hunt 360sign up form . It's as easy as entering your name, email address and creating a password. Select if you're a shipper or carrier, and be sure to check the box indicating if you are a current customer. Existing users can log in to J.B. Hunt 360here .
  2. Once signed up, you will receive an email from J.B. Hunt including your user ID and a temporary password. To change your password, simply log in to J.B. Hunt 360 and select "reset password."

Start using J.B. Hunt 360 to request a quote, book, track or report shipment status and print shipment documents.


If you have any questions regarding registration, please call us at1-866-516-7305 or .

Once you log in, there is also an online tutorial that can help you better understand the capabilities of the tool.

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