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Track a delivery to your home


Track a B2B shipment


J.B. Hunt Dedicated 


The fleet provider you can trust

We customize each fleet to meet the specific needs of both your industry and your company.

  • We offer consistency and control across the spectrum of medical supply products.
  • We perform stock rotation as needed.
  • We require strict adherence to HIPAA protocols from drivers and other personnel.
  • Multiple layers of security for high value shipments help keep your product safe.
  • Our drivers receive training and certifications specific to your company's needs.
  • On-site managers help ensure standard operating procedures are followed. 

What You Get 

When you outsource with us, you get a private fleet experience without having to manage it yourself.


Driver hiring and training

We have an entire team devoted to hiring and training drivers for companies like yours. 

Optimized fleet, schedules, and routes

Get a fleet that’s optimized by our expert engineers to increase your efficiency and give you access to the latest technology. 

Focus on your core business

You can get back to what you do best when you let us manage your transportation. 


Safety culture

We have a proven track record of prioritizing safety and a company-wide commitment to safe practices. 

A custom-built fleet with your company branding

We source all the specialized equipment your fleet needs and cover it with your company branding. 

Risk management

Stop taking on so much risk outside your core business. From rollovers to highway accidents, to workers’ comp, J.B. Hunt can manage your risk for you. 

Let us build a dedicated fleet for you.