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All things environmental are subject to more and more regulation, as well as a growing awareness by our customers. DeliverGreen™ is a proprietary business initiative to help meet customer demand for more energy-efficient services. J.B. Hunt is an innovative transportation provider with a keen focus on sustainability. Our DeliverGreen program seeks to identify opportunities to reduce our customers' overall transportation expenses while improving the environmental impact of their supply chain through the utilization of five key objectives:

    Fleet Efficiency - Ensure J.B. Hunt drivers, managers and technicians are fully trained and capable of consistently operating fleet equipment in the most fuel-efficient manner.
    Equipment Innovations - Compare and evaluate equipment technology investment options.
    Fuel and Fluids - Provide high quality, low-cost fuels to power our fleets.
    Design Strategy - Establish energy-efficient, engineered solution blueprints for each fleet operation.
    Environment Regulations, Partnerships and Grants - Stay abreast of, and in compliance with, all energy and emissions regulations that impact the transportation industry.