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Investor Presentations

Our latest presentations are available for download below. For additional information, please visit our Investor Relations page

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Q3 2020 Earnings Presentation  PDF 
Q2 2020 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q1 2020 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q4 2019 Earnings Presentation
Q3 2019 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q2 2019 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q1 2019 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q4 2018 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q3 2018 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q2 2018 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q1 2018 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q4 2017 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q3 2017 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q2 2017 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q1 2017 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q4 2016 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q3 2016 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q2 2016 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q1 2016 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q4 2015 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q3 2015 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q2 2015 Earnings Presentation  PDF
Q1 2015 Earnings Presentation  PDF