JBHunt Truck Driving Safety Awards

Recognizing Our Truck Drivers

It takes a special person to be a J.B. Hunt truck driver - a person who's committed to safety, professionalism and getting the job done right. We realize that the jobs drivers do aren't always easy. That's why we reward exceptional J.B. Hunt truck drivers on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.
Each of our business groups honors their top drivers in unique ways. From cash awards and gift cards to giveaway items, fuel bonuses, commemorative plaques and even special parking spots, our drivers are honored with a variety of awards for both safety and performance.

Million Mile Safe Drivers

Our most outstanding award at J.B. Hunt is our coveted Million Mile Award. This elite group of drivers is honored for achieving one, two, three or four million safe miles with J.B. Hunt. This award is the most prestigious recognition that drivers can earn while at J.B. Hunt and is marked by an annual, day-long awards ceremony at our corporate headquarters in Lowell, Ark.
The highlight of the day occurs when truck drivers, their managers, and their families huddle at our corporate office for the highly anticipated event, the J.B. Hunt Walk of Fame. During the Walk of Fame, drivers and their families proudly walk down four flights of stairs that are lined with employees who gather in the stairwell to cheer them on.
    One Million Milers earn a $5,000 bonus
    Two Million Milers earn a $10,000 bonus
    Three Million Milers earn a $20,000 bonus
    Four Million Milers earn a $40,000 bonus
In addition to their bonuses, drivers also get a diecast J.B. Hunt truck, picture frame and clock, plaque, and a collared shirt and baseball cap with their respective business unit logo.
To learn more about the jobs and benefits we provide for our drivers, call 1-877-791-9458 and speak with a career placement specialist or search for jobs in your area.