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Safety At Work

Creating safe workplaces, whether in the cab of a truck, an office setting or maintenance location, is a core value and fundamental to the safety culture in place at J.B. Hunt.

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Maintaining Safe Driving Operations

Our focus on safe driving operations begins during the onboarding process for new drivers, continues through initial training and is ongoing throughout each driver's career.

Staying Compliant and Reporting Performance

We use a number of systems to ensure all employee drivers meet our high safety standards. We report annually on key safety and sustainability metrics to enhance transparency for all our stakeholders.

Ensuring Workplace Safety

Our teams work proactively to avoid accidents and maintain safe work environments by deploying tools and technology that promote accident prevention and safety culture.

Proactively Preparing for the Unexpected

Emergencies are never planned. Our safety teams regularly conduct exercises and drills to test our plans for reacting to natural and man-made disasters, while maintaining employee communication.

Identifying Hazards and Risks

Our experts continuously assess areas of risk and seek solutions for risk mitigation to reduce accidents and avoid actions that may be hazardous.

Rewarding Safe Driving

Our Million Mile Safe Driving Recognition and Awards Program is unparalleled in the industry and rewards our drivers who dedicate themselves to accident-free, safe driving with bonuses and other benefits.

Our Unwavering Commitment to Safety

Safety is not just about our drivers - it's a commitment to all employees, customers, carriers and stakeholders. This commitment extends across our operations, equipment, technology and people. Download our Safety Summary below to learn more about the specific steps and measures that help us operate safely every day.

Download Safety Summary