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Engineering Solutions


J.B. Hunt has a dedicated engineering team that helps customers optimize their shipping strategy to minimize total miles, maximize payload, and reduce carbon emissions per shipment.

Customer Carbon Footprint

J.B. Hunt’s proprietary tool calculates a customer’s carbon footprint. We then offer solutions, such as decreasing carbon emissions, to reduce their current environmental impact.

Carbon Diet

J.B. Hunt provides support to customers with a company-developed sustainability practice called the “Carbon Diet.” JBH educates customers on best practices in supply chain sustainability and supplies the resources needed to be successful.

The five steps of the diet include:

  1. Knowing your carbon footprint as a starting point
  2. Eliminating miles
  3. Increasing payload
  4. Converting to energy-efficient modes
  5. Using efficient SmartWaySM carriers

This provides customers with options to reduce emissions along with cost saving benefits.

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