Environmental Sustainability

J.B. Hunt pioneered environmentally-friendly transportation and has a long history of looking for new, creative ways to transport products in safe, low-cost, and sustainable ways. J.B. Hunt’s strategic advantage derives from the company’s ability to offer multi-faceted solutions including “hybrid” modes of transportation, engineered solutions focused on reducing waste, and a commitment to test alternative energy sources as they arise.

We are dedicated to creating a more sustainable supply chain for our customers by innovating fleet operations, reducing fuel usage and engineering greener technologies.

Innovative Operations

J.B. Hunt is constantly exploring new ways to improve efficiency internally and forward savings onto our customers. When possible, we convert loads from over-the-road truckload to intermodal. J.B. Hunt also uses aerodynamic, fuel efficient trucks and creates individualized, green plans for our DCS customers. To ensure we are on top of the latest trends, J.B. Hunt closely monitors transportation regulations, especially efforts from the California Air Resource Board (CARB).

Fuel Technology

Fuel is one of the largest sources of carbon emissions within the supply chain. J.B. Hunt strives to find advanced fuel solutions for customers, including the use of biofuels and ensuring the fuel efficiency of our fleets.

Engineering Solutions

J.B. Hunt’s engineering team works to create dynamic green solutions. By optimizing loads, the team decreases empty miles for drivers and improves overall route efficiency. Our engineers also help our customers understand their carbon footprint (related to J.B. Hunt services) and develop a “Carbon Diet” to improve their sustainability.

Environmental Excellence Awardee from 2008-2017

J.B. Hunt’s dedication to sustainability proves large companies like ours can responsibly serve customers, maintain a national footprint, and take care of the environment. Our efforts to move goods efficiently while saving energy and cutting fuel costs aren’t going unnoticed. Since 2008, J.B. Hunt has received the Smartway© Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) each year it has been issued. The award recognizes our commitment to energy efficiency and decreasing overall carbon dioxide emissions.

SmartWay High Performer

The SmartWay High Performer list recognizes companies who have achieved significant shipping and freight efficiencies. J.B. Hunt is proud to be recognized as one of nine multimodal carriers on the SmartWay High Performer list in 2017.

Inbound Logistics G75 Green Supply Chain Partner

J.B. Hunt is proud to be included on Inbound Logistics’ annual G75 list. This list includes companies who are working to ensure a sustainable global supply chain with operations that are socially and environmentally friendly.

Sustainability Surveys

We work with customers to help complete Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), EcoVadis and customer specific supply chain surveys.

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