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Innovations pursued by J.B. Hunt Transport include:

Safety First
Creating a "safety first" culture. Unsafe operations are not sustainable. This safety culture helps protect both economic health and the motoring publics' wellbeing
Converting over-the-road shipments to intermodal shipments (saving over 200 gallons of fuel and two tons of carbon gas emissions per shipment on average)
Empty mile
Reducing empty miles run between each shipment hauled
Engine idling
Reducing tractor engine idling through driver incentive programs and on-board equipment like direct-fired heaters and auxiliary power units.
Top speed
Governing top speeds on company-owned equipment to maximize fuel efficiency and safety performance
Reducing total miles run by calculating the most safe, direct path from origin to destination and monitoring compliance with the "best" route
Friendly fuels Burning bio-diesel fuels when available and appropriate
Smart-quipping Equipping tractors with aerodynamic body moldings and fuel-efficient drive lines
Efficiency training Training drivers via simulators to drive in the most fuel-efficient manner
On-the-go RFID Utilizing radio frequency identification methods to bypass certain en-route stops (weigh stations and toll booths primarily)
Cool TransportTM Developing Cool TransportTM , an industry-first carbon-neutral transportation service designed by J.B. Hunt Transport and BlueSource, LLC. This new service combines offsetting verified emission reduction (VER) credits with existing J.B. Hunt transportation offerings to create carbon-neutral transportation solutions