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Your nationwide network

J.B. Hunt operates one of the largest nationwide, final mile cross dock networks with 90-plus locations. J.B. Hunt Final Mile services help customers reduce order cycle times, warehouse space requirements and supply chain costs while improving on-time performance and customer satisfaction. Our coast-to-coast network of company employees and assets can tackle your biggest transportation and logistics challenges.

Solutions to streamline your business:

  • Warehousing and value adding services
  • Delivery order consolidation
  • Merge-in-transit services
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Co-mingle, cost reduction methodologies
  • Returns Management
  • Reverse logistics support
  • Assembly and product deluxing services
  • Centralized Call Center support operations


  • Optimize inbound/outbound deliveries
  • Reduce order cycle times
  • Reduce warehouse space, storage and inventories
  • Reduce supply chain costs
  • Improve on-time performance
  • Improve order-level visibility
  • Improve the customer experience

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