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Environmental Sustainability
J.B. Hunt is a pioneer in the area of environmentally-friendly transportation and has a long history of looking for new, creative ways to transport products in safe, low-cost, and sustainable ways. As a transportation and logistics company dedicated to creating a more sustainable supply chain for our customers, we focus on driving strategic competitive advantages such as reducing operating costs and mitigating potential business risks to take care of the environment.
Fleet Efficiency
In pursuit of its goal to reduce both the cost of transportation and its impact on the environment, J.B. Hunt has pursued sustainability innovations such as reducing tractor engine idling through driver incentive programs; installing on-board equipment such as direct-fired heaters and auxiliary power units; burning biodiesel fuels when available; governing top speeds on company-owned equipment to maximize fuel efficiency and safety performance; and converting over-the-road shipments to intermodal shipments, which saves an average of 200 gallons of fuel and two tons of carbon gas emissions per shipment.
Engineering Routing
We strive to maximize the resources available to us. With engineering routing, proprietary algorithms are used to dynamically determine the least cost method of shipping for customers. From intermodal conversion to LTL consolidation and better utilization of truckloads overall, we are able to accomplish great things like decreasing carbon emissions by shipping intermodal and reducing the number of trucks and drivers on the road.
Environmental Excellence Award
J.B. Hunt’s dedication to sustainability proves large companies like ours can responsibly serve customers, maintain a national footprint, and take care of the environment. Our efforts to move goods efficiently all while saving energy and cutting fuel costs aren’t going unnoticed. Since 2008, J.B. Hunt has received the Smartway® Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) each year it has been issued. The award recognizes our commitment to energy efficiency and decreasing overall carbon dioxide emissions.
CARB-Compliant Policies
Many of our daily operations are governed by regulations and mandates designed to keep our fleet operating safely and efficiently. The regulations from California Air Resources Board (CARB) are no exception. CARB requires all diesel vehicles and equipment operating in California to adhere to specific emission reduction requirements. The regulations are designed to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particulate matter, and oxides of nitrogen depending on equipment type. While compliance requirements come into effect between 2011 and 2023, J.B. Hunt already has equipment plans in place to ensure full compliance with regulations over the next decade as new rules are phased in.
Intermodal Energy Efficiencies
In addition to running an over-the-road fleet with environmental sustainability in mind, intermodal services - with the largest fleet of 53’ containers in the world - offer similar benefits to customers who choose over-the-rail services. Shipping via rail is four times more fuel efficient than shipping via truck. In addition to lowering fuel costs, intermodal also improves air quality and environmental conditions by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 75%*.
*Association of American Railroads